Cutesy Pie

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You can enjoy playing this magic game in a free mode and for real money. Try to Win a Massive Jackpot
Most Microgaming online slot games are available in 2 formats. The first format is the one preferred by most players, which is the download format. The second format is the Flash or browser-based version, which means there is no need to download anything at all.
When it comes to the most widely played online fruit machines, which boast solid jackpot prizes, there are some games, which we should obviously mention and this wheel of fortune is among them.

Cutesy Pie is an entertaining fruit machine online, which is ideal for the newbies because it is really easy to understand and to play. This adorable classic three-reel, one-payline game has a quirky theme: it is all about love. Apart from the Panda and the Crazy Crocodile, you will also see 7s, Bars and a Candy Heart. This slot is similar to Crazy 80s.
When you feast your eyes on the user interface, you will see three displays in spins, coins, bet, and win. Below each of these displays are buttons that will allow you to change the information being displayed. You can activate up to ten auto spins by hitting the spin 10x button, bet one to increase the coin amount, or bet max to go full pedal to the metal.
The top left of the screen is where we can find our three reels, which as we know, is where the action in this game will be taking place.

This slot user interface implemented within Cutesy Pie is fantastic for a number of different reasons. It is created in an organised fashion for starters, so you will know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to make it happen. The colour scheme of the user interface goes well with the love pink background above as well. Overall, the control system in this game looks to be “part of the furniture”, arguably as it should be.

Love in the Air
While it may be cute on the outside, does this game have the guts beneath the surface to deliver an engaging slots experience? Read on to find out All Things Cute and Cuddly
It’s powered by Microgaming soft, so you may take advantage of the astonishing sounds, superior graphics and extremely massive jackpot prices. This cute wheel of fortune is pleasing on the eye and on the pocket. Once you start playing this fantastic slot, you will see that it is bright and sweet. Besides, it can reward the players with generous payouts.

The symbols of this game have received plenty of care and attention, as they have feature little cool details, such as a certain “shine” here and there. You will see it on the heart and bar symbols specifically. By the way, you can see heart, bar, double bar, triple bar, and two different kinds of sevens on the reels, with such really going a long way in symbolising what this game is all about. Like a Bow from Cupid’s Arrow
If you don’t want to do that, you can look at the left of these displays to find a coin.

This coin will display how much you are currently betting and below it are the two buttons, “+” and “-.“ To the left of all these button and displays is where you can find the total balance available for this slot game.
However, if you get three bars of any kind or three sevens of any kind, you win big, If you get only two hearts or even one heart, you win even bigger.
Cutesy Pie is a classic online video slot game from Microgaming that has been released in November 1999. This online video slot machine game has 3 reels and 1 pay line. The theme of Cutesy Pie, if you look at the reels, is all about love and all things pink and cute
If you are a fan of classic casino slots, then Microgaming, through Cutesy Pie, certainly has a major treat in store.

Every player is going to appreciate the bright colours utilised and solid gameplay implemented. Seriously, loaded with love and so much more, don’t wait, look to try your hand at Cutesy Pie today
Cutesy Pie is a classic styled slot, as it has three reels and one payline. Saying that, it’s not as hard to win at this game as you might think, as the single payline does have a certain degree of flexibility to it. There are a multitude of symbols that you can land three in a row of, in order to win.
Love is in the air my friends, as there is a new online casino slots game on the scene that is dishing out the romance. Cutesy Pie is the name of the game, and it is a brand new casino slot developed by Microgaming.

One thing is for sure, when you play Cutesy Pie, you won’t be able to hide a smile. Packed with the power of love, Cutesy Pie is a game that has come directly out of left field, with it commanding attention from players around the world as a result.
It may be more than 10 years old, but Cutesy Pie is still as cute as a button You will truly feel the love when you play this pink hearts-filled online slot game
All in all, this fascinating slot guarantees you a really entertaining time. Play Cutesy Pie wheel of fortune online and get rewarded
The three columns of the paytable show the value for each combination possible and their corresponding worth, which depends on the amount of coins wagered in the game. It should be noted that three coins is the max bet in this title.

Looking in the Eye of Cutesy Pie
Cutesy Pie is a classic styled slot game in practically every sense. It is evident from the very first moment you lay eyes on it that love is the theme of this title. It’s like love at first site if we can speak subjectively. You will see an adorable looking Panda as it sits there, saying “Hi” to the player. The banner of the game looks great as the font really “pops” off the screen and makes it stand out from the pink background. They even placed one of those heart candies that carries a cute message on it on screen as well, strategically placed next to the banner above the reels.