Big Kahuna

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Three or more mask icons triggers another unique bonus round. What you have to do in the mini-game is select one of the ten masks on screen and hope to high heaven that you choose correctly. A correct pick will see you become a Big Kahuna, while a poor pick will send you packing with nothing but holes in your pockets.
The tribal mask, which grants pay-outs of up to 4,375, is another fine one to find. The aforementioned figure is, of course, for five, but you could win 2,900 for four or 1,650 for three. The volcano, which pays up to 2,500 for five, also grants 1,00 for four or 625 for three.

The highest-paying icons – the ones you really want to see appear on the grid – include the Big Kahuna wild, which has the ability to pay up to 8,000 when five are found on an active line, and when the gamer is playing at max bet. It also pays 1,000 for four, 200 for three, 10 for two and two for two. All wins pay left to right except the scatter, which pays wherever it lies.
A sequel to the original Big Kahuna slot, released way back in 2003, Big Kahuna II: Snakes and Ladders offers players more pay-lines, free spins and an additional bonus game.

They say sequels never quite live up to the hype, but in this case, the naysayers deserve a large portion of humble pie. Big Kahuna II is every bit as enjoyable as its predecessor.
The scatter icon is the grinning monkey. Two or more of these icons found on active payline will pay out in the shape of three credits for two symbols, 10 for three, 25 for four and 200 for five. Scatter wins, as ever, are multiplied by the total number of credits staked. In most slots, the scatter triggers the game’s bonus rounds, but in Big Kahuna, other icons fulfil that responsibility. Bonus Icons
In addition to granting pay-outs as outlined above, the Big Kahuna wild is able to stand in for other symbols to help form winning combos.

However, there’s a caveat: it can only help complete winning combinations using the fruit symbols.
Big Kahuna II is a five-reel slot that offers 15 pay-lines (the original, if you’re wondering, offered nine). Players can wager up to 20 coins per pay-line, though as with any new game, it’s advisable to play a few dummy hands while growing accustomed to the volatility. You can play Big Kahuna II for free at a brace of online casinos powered by Microgaming.
We’ve all heard the expression “big kahuna”, but how many of us actually know what it means? The most popular definition is a Hawaiian shaman, which is precisely what Big Kahuna, the non-progressive video slot from Microgaming, appears to be based on.
The game’s soundtrack consists of chirping tree frogs and various forms of jungle wildlife, which imparts an immersive feel.
The volcano bonus round activates when the player finds three or more volcano icons on an active line. When this happens, you’ll have to select a fruit from the selection available, which is then offered up to the volcano.

Your choice will basically determine how much you win.
A word on the symbols: the Big Kahuna icon is the wild in the game, and thus substitutes for all symbols except for the snake and ladder scatter.
In Big Kahuna, symbols include tribal masks, a shaman, a golden volcano, a monkey and an iguana. There are also modern takes on old-school fruit machine symbols of raspberries, pineapples, melons, oranges, kiwi fruits and coconuts.
The first thing to note about Big Kahuna II is its incandescence. I’ve rarely encountered a video slot so colourful: the reels are an assault on the senses, with only the brightest, warmest colours used throughout.

The screen almost seems to be bathed in dazzling sunlight, and the cartoonised symbols include chirpy monkeys and lush pieces of ripened fruit. This is certainly a game that takes the feel-good factor seriously.
Like its popular forebear, Big Kahuna II is a Microgaming slot release and, once again, the setting for the game is a tropical paradise. Against the backdrop of this picturesque island idyll, you’ll play five reels and look to find the eponymous Big Kahuna’s tribal mask, which has been stolen and hidden atop a mountain. Just keep an eye out for those pesky snakes, who continually slither into view and attempt to hamper your progress.
Big Kahuna II lures you in by advertising a gargantuan jackpot of 200,000 credits on the reels, plus 30,000 credits on the bonus feature.

A nice pay day if you can get it Charmingly Colourful
This one has 5 reels and 9 unfixed paylines, which means wins can be formed both horizontally and diagonally. The game is developed around a tribal theme. The grand prize offered is to the tune of 8,000, and there’s plenty of interesting and useful features to help you along the way. The bonus flourishes include scatter symbols, wilds and no less than two mini-games.
Big Kahuna is a so-bright-you-need-shades slot, packed with comical two-dimensional symbols that reflect the theme. Players can make a maximum bet of 45 coins per spin, or a minimum of 0.

5, and the return-to-player percentage is 96.2%. Funky Symbols
The bonus symbols include a volcano and a tribal mask. Of course, the icons are also among the best-paying in the game, so you’ll be doubly satisfied when you uncover them.
Microgaming’s Big Kahuna slot is a welcome addition to the five-reel pantheon. There’s plenty of amusement to be derived from a slot which such comical symbols, and the gameplay is superb thanks to two bonus icons, plus a wild and scatter. Give it a spin and see if you can step into the shoes of the immortal Big Kahuna, with an 8,000 credit win.

Among the other symbols, the dancing shaman pays 500 for five, 150 for four, 25 for three or 10 for two. The iguana pays the same, except only five credits for two, and the orange pays 250, 80 and 20, with no win granted for two. The kiwi fruit pays 200, 50 and 15, and so on down the line. The least valuable symbol is the raspberry, which pays 100 for five, 20 for four and 10 for three.