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If a player bags all 3 wilds on payline one, they will come away with a 1,000 coin jackpot. Typically, doing so on the second, third or fourth paylines will reveal a jackpot that is worth 2,000, 3,000 or 4,000 coins respectively Finally, the top jackpot in the slot is 6,000 coins, which can be won when a player lands the 3 wilds on the fifth payline, which runs from the bottom left of the first reel, up to the top right of the third reel.

Other notes on Fortuna
The only way you are going to stand a chance of winning one of the 5 big payouts in this slot, is to line up 3 of the big money wild icons, the Fortune logos (or coins, if you prefer) on any active payline. Players should keep in mind that each payline offers a different sum of money for the same icons.
For this reason it is really important to always play max bet. If you play for instance only four coins you can line up the three wild logos on the 5th line and not only won’t you win 6,000 coins you won’t win anything.

Luckily Fortuna comes in a decent range of denominations (25¢, 50¢, $1, $2 and $5).
Fortuna is a Microgaming multi-line slot with three reels and five lines. It has a five coin max bet and five top jackpots ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 coins. The biggest jackpot is only available if you play all of the five lines per spin.
The game has a fortune teller theme although to be honest the theme does not go very far. The only symbol relating to the theme is the wild Fortuna logo. The rest of the symbols are all pretty generic – three types of bars, one seven and a cherry symbol. In total there are 13 winning combinations.

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That all important Fortuna logo symbol is actually a wild icon, and when it occurs on a payline, players will find that it substitutes itself for a symbol that they actually need. As well as being a wild symbol, the Fortuna logo (which also looks like a coin) is also used for big wins, i.e. – the jackpot. Fortuna slot Payouts
None of the icons in this fortune telling “classic slot” are really what you might call relevant to the theme of the slot, although they are certainly relevant in terms of a classic slot.

The icons used (in order of least importance to big wins) are cherries, single bars, double bars, triple bars, and purple sevens. The Fortune logo is also important, but we’ll come to that in just a second. Fortuna slot Bonus Features
If you like three reel slots but don’t like seeing those near miss combinations then Fortuna is worth a look. Because it is a three reel, five line game you have five different ways to line up the symbols. This leads to a high hit rate and the possibility of winning on more than one line from a single spin.
Fortuna is one of those completely indifferent classic slot machines, that isn’t really a classic slot, even though it tries to be. Designed and developed by Microgaming; this slot kinds of bridges the gap between true classic slots and modern video slots.

For example, yes it does have 3 reels, but it also has 5 paylines as well as special features. This slot doesn’t really have themed, except for some vague references to crossing a gypsies palm with silver, although it is perfectly ideal for gamers who aren’t fond of full out classic slots, and would prefer to play something that is slightly in the middle of that and video slots. How to play Fortuna slots online
Players who land a single cherry on an active payline will walk away with 1 coin in the bank. Players who land 2 cherries will win 2 coins, whilst any 3 bars icons will win the player 4 coins. 3 cherries on a payline will win the player 10 coins, whilst 3 single bar icons will see them win 20 coins. Players who land 3 double bar icons will see themselves bag 50 coins, whilst 100 coins are waiting for the player who captures 3 triple bar icons. Finally, players will win 300 coins for landing 3 purple 7s on a payline.

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The Fortuna slot jackpot
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This is the kind of slot game that will either frustrate classic slot lovers, or be ideal for players who want to play classic slots, but find the lack of special features (in comparison to most video slots) frustrating.
As with most slots the wild symbols can yield the biggest wins. Line up three Fortuna logos and you can win between 1,000 and 6,000 coins.

This is where it gets a bit interesting. Each of the five lines offers a different jackpot for the three wilds. The wins get bigger as the pay line numbers do with the 5th line offering the highest pay.
Overall a good quality multi-line slot game with some nice jackpots for the wild symbol combinations – just remember to always press the bet max button.
The disappointing thing about this slot, sis that there is precious little to do with the theme that Microgaming has chosen.
After the five pays for the wild combinations there are eight more paying combinations that are the same no matter what line you hit them on. The highest of the secondary pays are 300 coins for three sevens, 100 coins for three triple bars and 50 coins for three double bars.

Fortuna offers gamers 3 reels and a total of 5 paylines to play with, which is considerably more than most gamers were expecting to get from this classic slot machine. Fortuna is a fairly common classic slot, so you should be able to find it wherever good Microgaming classic slots are offered. Players have coin denominations of $0.25 up to $5 to choose from, and with only 1 coin per line being staked, this gives the slot a floor wager of $0.25 per line and a capped wager at $25 per spin.

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Two of the five paylines run diagonally across the screen, so that might be a bit confusing for gamers at first, but they are ultimately the two most prosperous paylines. Gamers should always hope to win on those paylines, when it comes to the big jackpot anyway.

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