Fat Lady Sings

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As such, this game might just whet the appetite of all varieties of spinners, no matter whether they are vintage slot machine purists or fans of colourful novelty action.
Spin up an appetite at Flo’s Diner in this tasty little 3-reel slot machine by Microgaming software. With just 1 payline on the reels, players will have to savour the flavour of every winning spin, which shouldn’t be too difficult with a maximum jackpot that is worth 12,000 credits.

Flo’s Diner, run by Microgaming soft, invites you to enjoy an American diner and to admire the lovely 50’s music among the retro-style atmosphere. This free 3-reel (non-progressive), 1-payline wheel of fortune with an American diner theme is able to bring you all the charm of traditional pub fruit machines. The main character is the waitress who is willing to serve the players with some yummy dishes. Come and meet Flo
When it comes to placing bets, there is plenty of choice. However, it is the preferred choice of low rollers because the min possible bets are really tiny.

As well as choosing whether to play with 1, 2 or 3 coins, players also have the option to change the value of each active coin from the following credit values: 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00 and 5.00. So, with a maximum total bet of 15 credits, players can feasibly end up with a winning jackpot spin that pays a prize of 12,000 credits. Spin It to Win It
However, that is not actually the case since, in actual fact, only one coin is multiplied irrespective of how many are placed down as a stake.

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So, in reality, all of the prizes that this slot machine has to offer are proportional to the value of the total bet, meaning that spinners won’t be missing out on any extra winning possibilities if they decide to play it safe with 1 coin.
The main aim of this videoslots game is to match up various food symbols to hit the jackpot. This fast paced wheel of fortune boasts cute graphics, smooth and seamless gameplay, amazing animations, loose reels, and solid prizes.
In all honesty, Flo’s Diner isn’t going to blow any minds when it comes to the gameplay. There are no special bonus elements to the game at all, not even a wild symbol to help punters complete those all-important wining sequences.

That means that spinners will have to rely on the game’s solitary payline that runs horizontally through the middle of the 3 reels, hoping that a set of the following combinations appear to award a multiplier prize:
The online slot machine world is full of all sorts of games with various themes and gameplay styles. Flo’s Diner sits firmly in the middle of a truly retro slot machine and an extravagantly themed slot machine by offering a simple 3-reel set-up which brings in some unique symbols instead of the same old classic fruit machine icons.
If you are familiar with Microgaming software’s range of 3-reel classics and novelty themes, then you will probably know exactly what to expect from this game when it comes to the visual aspect.

If not, then we can tell you that you shouldn’t expect anything too extravagant. The reason for this is because the game screen is rendered completely in 2D with a basic cartoon style and simple bold colours. That isn’t to say that the game isn’t pleasant to look at, but it isn’t going to blow any minds anytime soon with innovative animations and groundbreaking technological features.
If there’s one thing that encapsulates the America way of life, then it would be the classic American style diner. We’re talking about red leather table booths with chrome fittings, black and white chequered floors, and waitresses in bubblegum pink aprons pouring hot, fresh, and endless cups of coffee. That is exactly what is on offer when players take a spin of Flo’s Diner (except for the hot, fresh and endless coffee) with a game screen that is jam-packed with all sorts of delicious looking treats such as iced doughnut rings, thick and luxurious milkshakes, and a symbol that depicts the hostess with the mostest herself.
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But, on the other hand, you will also like that this cute online fruit machine offers huge payouts. The maximum jackpot win is really impressive – $12,000. Feel like grabbing it, don’t you? So, why not play this magic game of chance then?
On the flip side, players who are accustomed to 5-reel video slot machines might find that this game title is a relaxing step down to something which is far more simpler to spin.

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Although, having said that, this does mean that the game doesn’t offer anything in the way of bonus elements such as wild symbols, free spin triggering scatters, or any convoluted side games. All American Classic
The game is a perfect option for retro slot machine fanatics who are after something that takes on a slightly different and unique theme.
As you can see from that paytable (which is presented in all of its colourful glory upon the game’s main screen), it is possible to play this slot machine with either 1, 2 or 3 coins. Ostensibly, it would appear that playing with 2 or 3 coins is the much more lucrative option considering the fact that the payout prizes in those columns are worth double and triple the value of the prizes in the single coin column.

The Flo’s Diner slots game can be found at Microgaming casinos. Microgaming as a standard now publish the slots house edge information of all their games at any online casino that holds a UKGC license (this is a requirement for all UKGC licensed casinos. As such we can say that the House Edge of Flo’s Diner is 7.74%.

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