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At the bottom of the screen of game machine ‘Double Dose’ you will see the following buttons.
Adding to the game’s simple nature is a big jackpot of 1,600 coins. Really, the only thing out of place in this game is a pretty standard game except for the anime-style nurse character graphics. There are only seven symbols and a total of nine different ways to score a line up and a win.
In the gaming machine ‘Double Dose’ you will see the logo of the game characters, sevens, cherries and Bar icons.

If you enjoy the game Double Diamonds from IGT, or any game like that, then you need to check out Double Dose, as the games are fairly similar flavour. Overall, this really is an outstanding game and one that Microgaming take a great amount of pride in.
Double Dose – it’s a game on the theme of the anime. The main character sympathetic nurse who tries to give you an injection, already a double dose. She wears beautiful uniforms sitting on a figure.

What was in the syringe we do not know, but we can see how it winks at us, as if hinting that the 1600 coins in the game, as promised jackpot may at your desire turn into 8000 dollars General description
As you’d expect for a classic three reel slot from Microgaming like this, Double Dose has no scatter symbols or bonus symbols, with bonus features generally lacking here. Saying that, it does still have a wild symbol though, which actually proves to be a wild symbol with a twist.
The jackpot symbol in Double Dose is the logo of the game itself. Playing one coin and landing three of the logos grabs you a bonus of 800 coins, which certainly isn’t to be sneezed at. Play using two coins and the jackpot becomes a whopping 1,600 coins.

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The game features the standard symbols of the slot machine; the cherry symbol, a single bar, a double bar, a triple bar, and the red seven. The red seven is the key to the second highest payout, so it really is the icon that can lead you to glory.
Symbol wise, while it proves to pretty standard fare, Double Dose does have that little something extra in the symbols stakes that works to separate it from other online slots titles. Doubling up for Good Measure
If you want to keep the bets small with Double Dose slot machine then you’ll soon find that the smallest coin value is 0.25. If you’re more of a high roller then you’ll get stuck into the 5.00 maximum coin value. By playing two coins you can make a maximum bet of 10.00.

Ticking the box for both budgets and big spenders, Double Dose makes a well-versed attempt to appeal to players of all skills levels and financial backgrounds. Two Coins of Glory
The game has a wild symbol, which may be substituted for other characters in the game. Wild symbol of the game is presented in the form of the logo of the game Double Dose. When the wild symbol completes a winning line, then the payment will be doubled on the reels. If the winning line will have 2 wild symbols, then the payment will increase by 4 times.
The theme might not appeal to everyone, because it gets a little risqué at time, but those who can get past the theme, and those who enjoy it, will find themselves loving the game quickly.

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The game has great visuals and sound effects that stand out when compared to other games. When push comes to shove, Double Dose is a game that won’t steer you wrong.
The game features a cute manga-esque nurse that gives players some medicine, yes, the theme of this Double Dose is certainly a little odd. The reels are set above the logo with the pay-table off to the side. The pay-table lets you know what the winning combinations are and how much money they provide. The symbols in the game include the cherries, one bar, two bars, three bars, lucky sevens, and the Double Dose logo. Overall, in Double Dose, at least as far as the theme is concerned, standard meets abstract.
The game has 3 reels and only one pay line.

In the game there is a progressive jackpot, and bets can be made with coins from 25 cents to $5. You can bet one coin per line, and you can select the option that you activate two coins per line.
Double Dose is a game for people who are interested in sticking to a low budget or just getting into slot machines for the fun factor. Double Dose is a classic slot machine with a maximum bet of two coins rather than three, while there are just three reels and only a single payline.
The above gives you a basic look of the game, now let’s take a more in-depth look at Double Dose and detail why you should try it out next time you are given the chance. A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down
Being a unique kind of wild symbol, in Double Dose it proves to be the Double Dose logo itself.

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This symbol takes the place of any other symbol in the game to give you a winning combination or complete payline. A winning combination made with a bonus symbol is doubled or even quadrupled depending on your total bet. This leads to a maximum of either 800 coins or 1,600. While it hardly proves to be a bonus-laden game, the cash implications of Double Dose simply can’t be ignored.
Free slot machine without registration can be called spicy. Nurse with green hair looks sexy. She has a gorgeous bust, and her white robe tight-fitting shape. In hands she holds the folder with a history of the disease, and there isa a stethoscope around her neck. It is unlikely that nurses in hospitals be allowed to wear such clothes, and that patients will jump pressure. However if you do not mind increased heart rate, you can download a free slot machine.
The game also has a button Expert that will allow you to enable automatic rotation of the reel.

Playgame is very nice, because the machine is very beautiful. Under the reels you will see a pretty girl in anime style, and next to her the name of the game. The right side of the screen as you can see shows how much a winning combination of symbols will bring profit ot you.
Jackpot of the slot machine ‘Double Dose’ is 8 thousand dollars.

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