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By now, you’re probably realising this is a rather unique twist on the theme
The Free Range bonus is where you can win free spins, with a bit of a twist. You activate this bonus round by spinning a free range symbol on reels 3, 4 and 5. In this round you are automatically guaranteed to win free spins, a multiplier and a guaranteed win amount – which is a great bonus.
Hit the key symbol anywhere on reels 1, 2 or 3 and you will activate this round. Your game board changes to a barn theme with a dog sleeping in front of a locked door.

Your task is to find the key, which you’ll uncover in one of the marked locations, each worth a different cash prize. You can keep selecting and winning cash until you either find the key, or wake up the dog.
As well as a cartoon Roger, the love at the farmyard theming (bet you never thought you’d see a slot game with that theme
Add the massive potential jackpot of 750,000 and this is a must play game
One standout feature of Cashanova is the whopping 750,000-coin jackpot. During the Free Range bonus round, while you cannot retrigger free spins, you can win a guaranteed win amount for each free spin, which adds up to one huge jackpot. Is It Worth Putting All My Eggs in This Basket?
The unique theme makes this game stand out from others, and makes it a really fun experience.

The graphics are well made without being too distracting.
It all comes down to the game play though, and this game doesn’t disappoint at all. The base game is fun and enjoyable, but it’s the bonus rounds which really make this slot game as they are highly entertaining.
First you choose an egg to decide how many free spins you win, then an egg for the multiplier, and finally one for the guaranteed win amount for each spin – this could be up to 900 coins.
If you do find the key, then the round continues to the next stage, where you get to help Roger win the attention of Henrietta by selecting one of four gifts he should give her, each worth a different cash prize. Free Range Bonus
While the theme certainly has a touch of love, the main man is undoubtably Roger.

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This suave, smoking jacket wearing rooster takes on the lead role as he tries to win the attention of Henrietta, a (according to Roger) gorgeous hen.
Wild symbols are a typical feature for a lot of modern five reel slot machine games, and in Cashanova’s case, the wild symbol is represented by the rooster character Roger with a portrait of his face.
Along with the rather fun game theme, the actual game play is very enjoyable. With 5 reels and 30 pay lines, this game is packed full of special in game features and bonus rounds which make for a unique and fun slot game. Clucky in Love
We’re sure when you think of Casanova you start thinking of a love theme which probably features some romantic symbols, cherubs, red roses and hearts.

Well, you won’t find any of those in this game. Instead, the star of the show is a rather suave rooster named Roger. Obviously
Cashanova video slot game plays out mostly in the big chicken house with the game reels consisting of a miss-match of different symbols including whipped cream, a mansion, a golden key, a bowl of fruit a pipe and much more. Cashanova online video slot has bonus rounds which take place in various settings including a barn. The music is light-hearted and silly and contributes to the atmosphere of the game well, making it feel like a fun place to play slots. Microgaming has made a real effort with this instalment, and it pays dividends regarding the overall gaming experience.

Wild Symbol
Microgaming has done an excellent job with the theming of this game. Not only by producing what is a unique twist in this genre, but with creating a design which is exceptional quality and adds to the enjoyment of the game without becoming too overbearing.
As mentioned above, you won’t find any playing card symbols in this slot game. Instead, they are replaced with various well-designed themed images.
The slot game is of the five reel variety with a healthy 30 pay-lines on offer for the player.

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Cashanova online slot offers some fantastic betting options making this game as flexible as they come and will certainly be an attractive proposition for new and old players alike. The minimum stake is a penny, and the maximum stake is a massive £75 making this game a perfect choice for those on a budget and the more experienced gamblers out there. There is also a free-play option for those only looking to play for fun.
The rather (in)appropriately named HenHouse Magazine symbol acts as the scatter symbol. If you hit 3 of these then you’ll receive a 2x multiplier, hitting 4 gives you a 10x multiplier and hitting 5 gives you a huge 100x multiplier. Barn Bonus Round
Absolutely If the fact it has a suave rooster named Roger isn’t enough, and it really should be, then it does have plenty of other reasons.
Cashanova slot is one of those games that will put a smile on your face. This is due to a combination of being able to win big and the humorous theme of the slot itself.

Mostly the game follows you on your adventure as a loved up rooster trying to win the affections of the main female hen character. This is played out in class Microgaming slot fashion with plenty of prizes and bonus features to keep you entertained. We like this instalment as it has plenty to keep you entertained and will certainly make you laugh.
Roger the Rooster is the wild symbol, and he can replace any other symbol other then the bonus and scatter symbols. Unfortunately he doesn’t multiply your winning combinations, however there are lots of other opportunities for that throughout the game.
Slot game makers love a good pun when it comes to naming their latest creation, and this one is no different. Cashanova = Casanova. We love it.

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